About me

Hi, I’m Louise and I really am a Crafty Guider.   I live with my husband – Mr CG, as well as my two girls – the Craftyguidelets, and I love all things handmade.

I became Craftyguider when thinking up a Twitter name as it best summed up who I was.   I’ve since started a branch of the WI in my village, as well as increasing my volunteering in Guiding from just Guides to Rainbows and Brownies as well.

Craftyguider has also become an online shop where I sell my handmade creations to raise funds for my Guide unit.   ALL the profits from my sales help pay for activities, trips away, insurance and hall hire.   I take no income, just a contribution towards the cost of materials and postage costs.

I blog about all things handmade, volunteering, baking (especially gluten free for Mr CG), my attempts to get my life in order and the general randomness of the world around me.

As well as my blog and shop, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.   Come and say hi!

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