Best laid plans…

You know those days you’ve been looking forward to for ages?   Not the big event days like birthdays or holidays.   Just the ones where your diary is clear, you’ve nothing much that you have to do, and lots that you want to do.

Today was my day.

The house was reasonably presentable, the kids would be at school, lunch was defrosting in the fridge and the ‘to do’ list was ready.

However, the rain came down and the floods came up (if anyone can name that tune I’d be grateful!), the roads and schools were closed, the kids stayed home and my lovely restful day doing ‘me’ stuff was put on hold.

See you same time next week my ‘day off’.

One thought on “Best laid plans…”

  1. “the rain came down and the floods came up” is from “the wise man built his house”

    Haven’t sung that for years! Hope your day off this week is an actual day off.

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