Cake, cake and more cake

Warning: This blog post can seriously damage your diet.

I have recently joined Slimming World.   Week one I lost 3.5 pounds!   Go me!!!   However I have synned.   Big time.

Cake number one

My baby girl turned 4 on Friday (how did that happen?) and husband insisted she had a cake on her birthday.   As she was going to have a cake on Sunday at her family party, I hadn’t planned on this.   So a quick trip to Sainsburys to get a ready made gluten free sponge (so husband could participate in the cake eating), some icing and some decorations later and this cake was born.   I wish I’d had a chance to make my own as it wasn’t great.

Cake numbers two, three, four and five and a bit

I am a member of the Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club.   It’s a great excuse to bake something special, try other people’s baking, chat about cake with friends and did I mention eat cake?   Lots of cake!   On Saturday we had a not-so-clandestine meet-up in Waterstones Cambridge to showcase the club and the new Clandestine Cake Club book which is fantastic.

The cake in the pic is by Miss Sue Flay of the Secluded Tea Party fame and features in the book.   It’s perfect to make kids hyper by all accounts.

My contribution was the Rhubarb and Custard cake from the book.   The frosting was gorgeous but there was probably twice the amount I needed to ice my cake.   It was the first cake I tried from the selection as it fell onto my hand while I was cutting it (honest guv).

I also had slices of banana and maple syrup cake, ginger and lemon cake, and grapefruit and mandarin cake.   I also had to sample the Tuck Shop cake made by Miss Sue Flay and it was gorgeous.

The cakes were devoured by the Cambridge book buying public, and as fast as they arrived, they disappeared.

I took my cake hangover home and went straight to sleep when I got there (not completely due to the sugar rush for lunch).

Cake number six

On Sunday, as well as celebrating Mother’s Day, we went out bowling with the family for Baby Craftyguidelet’s birthday.   This cake was the most impressive, but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo on my phone.   I’ll have to wait until husband downloads one from his camera.   This image shows the backdrop for a stage, on which stood Keira, the popstar in Barbie’s Princess and the Popstar (cruelly bypassed for an Oscar or BAFTA).   There was lots of glitter, shimmer sugar, and black food colouring on top of a chocolate cake, and it was made by my professional cake decorator sister.   Between her and my Master Baker and Confectioner dad, we are always spoilt for fabulous cakes on birthdays.

My diet starts again (well, apart from another slice today but that doesn’t count, does it?), and I promise to be a good girl tomorrow.   Weigh in on Wednesday doesn’t look promising, but there are no birthdays or cake clubs in the near future so I might stand a chance.


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  1. I cannot believe that this was the first Saturday morning in ages I wasn’t in Cambridge, and in Waterstones! Instead I was at a very dreary quilt show. Bother. MInd you, I am not supposed to be eating cake so perhaps it was just as well!

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