This is my first blog entry.   Just like my first tweet, I’ve deliberated long and hard about my first words of wisdom.   So many fabulous blogs are out there: experts in money saving, people showing their makes of the day, what they’ve bought this week, self improvement tips and the like.   What should I do with my blog?

Should I introduce myself?   Hi, I’m Louise.   I have two craftyguidelets age 2 and 4 and a Mr Craftyguider husband.   I love crafting and have a growing webshop selling cards and sewn bits to raise money for the Guide unit I run.   Sounds like a bad personal ad (especially mentioning the husband!).

(The website has met with a rather terminal but temporary setback, but I’m still here accepting orders and commissions!)

Money saving tip?   Root around your cupboards and see what you can do with what you’ve got rather than buying something new.

What I’ve made today?   Some biscuits and bread with my girls, some soup, and currently some Bolognese sauce.   Oh, and my first ever Suffolk puff hairclip.

What I’ve bought this week?   Some fab buttons, some material to finish a bag commission for a twitter friend to use at her school, and some cakes for a treat.

Self improvement tip?   Don’t work out your first blog post standing next to the chocolate drawer.

I think what I’ll do is just go with the flow.   I’ll try and blog at least once a week and see how it goes.   I may become an expert in something, or I may just be a jack of all trades.   I’ll try and include some pictures, perhaps a few funny anecdotes and a tutorial or two.   We’ll just have to see how it pans out.

As for my first tweet?   After all that thought and preparation, I can’t remember what I wrote.   This blog entry will eventually drift out of memory too.   The first of many to come which will evolve the same way as my twitter account has done.

7 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. Yey!! well done:) I am @CMTales on Twitter.
    Bummer about the Web Site:(

    Its quite alot to take on isnt it? Blog, Web, Twitter, Making, Children, Work, Domestic, HUSBAND!!:) maybe we shouldnt mention him tonight, lol.

    Good luck with everything, I have 3 Blogs, Twitter, Folksy,ebay, Web Site, making, domestic, 17 year old nightmare!! 60 year old nightmare (thats the Husband)! Luckily I dont work!

    Michelle x

  2. I love the blog Louise! Well done you.
    So gutted for you re the website, but hopefully you will be back up and running as soon as possible.
    The stuff on there is gorgeous, so I can’t wait to browse again! Keep us updated on what happens.
    Looking forward to reading the next blog
    Stacy xx

  3. Hello! Welcome to the blogosphere!! So excited you’re here and blogging 🙂 Lovely to ‘meet’ you, again, hehe 😛 Here’s to many more posts and tweets! xx

  4. Hi Louise,

    I just found you through Twitter. Your shop has darling stuff.

    How about blogging about the “terminal problem”? It might be helpful to others; or crafters who have been there, may have good suggestions.

    Good luck!

    My first avatar name when I started blogging was craftguide. lol. Later I changed it to The Artful Crafter.

    “2 craftyguidelets” – I love it!

    1. Thanks for the comment. The terminal problem was husband hitting the delete key having not backed up the website at all. The new one is loads better though. Much more user friendly.

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