Meal Planning Monday – 29th February

MealPlanningSo what are you doing with your Leap day?   As the housework fairies don’t seem to be free, I’m in the normal Monday routine.   Oh well!

Now my house is getting organised as I’m halfway through my decluttering challenge, I am more concious of things that should be put away or used up.   Looking in the back of the baking cupboard, I’ve spotted a bag of dates and my chocolate bar kit that could be used up.   The Davina McCall sugar free cookbook will have to wait!   Although there is a lot more space in my freezer, there are still some items that need to be used up – frozen fruit will go into a Berry Fool, and sausages and frozen breadcrumbs are coming into play at the beginning of the week.   The fridge will also get a once over with the fresh veg drawer emptying a bit.

Monday: Sausage pasta in the slow cooker
Tuesday: Hairy Dieters’ Crispy Chicken
Wednesday: Salmon
Thursday: Vegetable goulash
Friday: Fish fingers

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