Button Swap

One of the things on my four-one list was to participate in a swap.   I’ve seen so many blogs where people have crafted something for someone and got a wonderful gift in return, so when I saw the Popular Crafts Magazine mentioned on twitter, I took the plunge and applied.

The button swap was just about to close so I sneaked in at the last minute.   I’ve made button hair clips for my website so I thought I’d make something like that.   However, when I got my swap partner’s details and likes, I thought of my decopatch kit I’d bought before Christmas.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo including the detail on the box.   It’s a heart shaped lidded box with a great red and black lacy pattern.   I chose some red and black buttons for the lid from my stash to go on the top.   I really enjoyed trying decopatch for the first time so I’ll definitely be hurrying back to the kit when I get time.

I also had to choose a treat to buy to go along with it so I went to my fantastic local habby and bought some orange and black handmade fimo beads and some assorted charms.

Fingers crossed she likes them!

(That’s got ‘participating in a swap’ and ‘adding photos to my blog’ ticked off the list!)

3 thoughts on “Button Swap”

  1. Lol … I do like them 🙂 Had to pinch the box back off my wee boy who decided he liked it too.
    Yours is on its way to u, if its not there already. My apologies for the delay but my sewing machine broke half way through. U’ll understand when u see it 😛
    I hope u like urs and thanks very much for mine

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