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I’ve been holding a weekend free in my diary for a few months.   It was originally destined for a tweet up with a few crafty twitter friends, but unfortunately it was not to be.   Faced with this weekend where I had already arranged for hubby to be free to look after the girls, I decided to make the most of it and tweeted the talented (and busy!) @meanyjar to see if she’d like to do something.

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Using the Craft Candy app, I managed to find a couple of workshops just to see what was out there, and we both thought lino printing would be different and fun to try.

We met up in London and found the Knit With Attitude shop in Stoke Newington High Street (via a crafty shop and lunch – priorities darlings!).   There were two others on our course, and we went to the back of the shop where we were kitted out with pencil, paper, a piece of lino to sit on (warm lino is easier to cut), tools, inks and a roller.

My 6 year old Craftyguidelet suggested I do a twitter bird as she knows Meanyjar is one of my twitter friends, so I tried two birds sitting on a branch.   I then transferred the basic design on paper to the lino and got hacking.

With lino printing, it is important to realise that your design will print in reverse, and that the bits you cut out won’t take the ink and will be white on the fabric.   When I was at school, I learnt the main rule of lino cutting – cut away from you so that stray, sharp tools don’t cut through your thumb nail and take weeks to grow out and heal.

I wanted to put some texture into my design which took a lot of thinking about, but I came up with this as my test print.

photo (93)


The acrylic ink was mixed with a medium to make it set on fabric, and I then plucked up courage to put ink to tea towel and came up with this.

photo (92)


It was such a good skill to learn with others to bounce ideas off of, hints and tips from the instructor, and a table that didn’t mind a bit of spilt ink or an accidental gouge from a cutting tool.   Anyone who normally gets an anniversary card from me may see this design on their card soon, and my Christmas cards may be lino printed.

Another new craft skill to add to the list!   Have you tried anything new recently?

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9 thoughts on “Lino Printing Workshop”

  1. I havent done lino print since I was at college and that was many moons ago, but I did enjoy it! your bird design is lovely and lends itself well to that medium, i’m sure the design will look lovely made as cards.
    I have failed to do a twit meet up as yet, which is quite disappointing 🙁 hoping i get to rectify this in the near future. glad you enjoyed your day x

  2. I’m so happy you enjoyed the workshop, there are so many more to come! Thank you so much for mentioning us in this lovely blog post.

    Maya x

  3. It was great to meet you yesterday and your twitter birds look so wonderful. It really was a huge bonus to have other people to be inspired by at the workshop. I think MayaB may have created a linocut printing monster in me, though! 😀

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