Meal Planning Monday 29.4.13

I am a fairly regular meal planner, but today is my first ‘Meal Planning Monday’.

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Meal planning in our house is always tricky.   I am a demi-vegetarian which means I don’t eat anything more intelligent than a halibut.   I am also about 8 weeks into Slimming World and need to factor this in too.   Husband on the other hand loves his meat.   He is gluten intolerant though, and also can’t eat onions (or anything related to onions like garlic or leeks), or spicy food, all of which I love.   Youngest has an intolerance to anything that comes out of the slow cooker unless it comes with pasta, and eldest will eat most things.

As well as being a mum, I am also a volunteer, so I spend a lot of my time doing school runs, swimming lessons, running Guides and Rainbows and the school craft club, attending WI and committee meetings, Guiders meetings and school meetings.   This means that I have to carefully plan what I am cooking, how long it will take me, will I be there to cook or do I need to use the slow cooker or leave instructions for someone to bung some pasta on.

This week we are sticking with tried and tested recipes as I have a manic week with meetings, volunteering and preparing for May Fair when I am running one stall and baking and preparing food for 3 others.

Monday – Fish pie

Tuesday – Vegetable goulash

Wednesday – Ham, egg and chips (or double egg and chips)

Thursday – Creamy pesto chicken and pasta (or quorn bolognese from the freezer)

Friday – Cottage pie (or quorn korma and rice)

Saturday – Macaroni cheese

Sunday- who knows!   I’ll be baking cakes all day for May Fair on Monday so hopefully it’ll be takeaway or freezer diving!

Pop over to Mrs M’s blog to see what everyone else has planned for this week.

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