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craft kits keyringI am addicted to magazines, especially craft ones.   There are always new things to learn and people to be inspired by.   I can’t pass by a WH Smith or a supermarket magazine display without trying to find an excuse to buy something.   This is on top of the titles I subscribe to that handily pop through the letterbox every month.   I love the ‘thump’ they make on the doormat. I could get the electronic versions posted to my tablet, but then I’d miss the free kits that are usually attached to the front and I’d feel cheated. christmas cross stitch housesSometimes the kits stay in the storage box (erm, read boxes) for some time.   These Christmas themed houses were from a Cross Stitcher Magazine kit a few years ago. My box of kits is where I go when I need a small portable craft for a trip.   Much as I’d like to take my sewing machine with me everywhere I go, it’s hardly practical (and I think husband would protest a bit too), however a small envelope containing thread, a needle and a bit of aida is easy to pop in a bag.   Just remember to stick the instructions in as well!travelcard holder Kits are also good if you want to achieve something quickly.   This travelcard holder from Mollie Makes (again over a year old!) was knocked up in less than 30 minutes on the morning I went into London on the train.   It was the crafty hit I needed in the middle of the school holidays.   A bit of time for me.
keyringSometimes it’s nice to try something new.   Having a kit on the front of a magazine has shown me the basics of how to make these keyrings without having to source all the bits.
cake cross stitchNot all the kits I collect* (*hoard) are from magazines.   I subscribe to the Crafty Creatives boxes and this cupcake cross stitch was a quick, sit-in-front-of-the-TV-and-craft project finished in an evening.
kumihimo braceletAnother Crafty Creatives kit.   I wouldn’t have tried kumihimo if it wasn’t included in one of the boxes.   But didn’t this used to be called Looby Loos when I was a kid?   Albeit with plastic strands instead of fabric ones!

What do you do with your craft kits?   Are you a hoarder or do you get them done before the next issue comes out?decoupage kit tree stagdecoupage tree stag

4 thoughts on “Craftingspiration: Craft Kits”

  1. I only buy magazines for the free gifts, whether it’s craft or beauty magazines. I like the Crossstitcher ones. They tend to be quite nice but I’m off cross stitch at the moment. Dress making ones tend to have nice patterns although you do have to check the sizes.

    They are a great way to try a new craft though.

    1. I had to stop my subscription to Cross Stitcher as they had so many lovely kits and charts, I realised that if I lived my whole life just sewing, I’d still never finish all the projects I wanted! I’ve got a big collection of dress patterns from magazines too. I probably need to go through them and ruthlessly sort out the ones I’ll make and the ones that just don’t suit me. Hope you’ve got some real gems!

  2. We get lots of craft magazines in the library where I work, and we’re allowed to keep the free kits. If I don’t want to use them, I add them to my Guides’ tombola items – we’re always collecting! It’s become a bit of a joke at work that I’ll take any random objects for the tombola.

    1. What an excellent idea! I used to collect random bits and pieces. My old Brownies did hoopla so anything that fitted on a block went to them. My employer at the time had a tie in with London Zoo. As well as free tickets for my unit, they gave me tonnes of raffle prizes as promotion. They even gave us new dairy products to test!

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