Fabric Covered Mirrors

With craft fairs coming up, my next at the Standon May Day, East Herts on the 6th May, I need to get a move on and make sure my stall is ready.

photo (59)

I think 7 handbag mirrors won’t last me very long so I opened up my freshly stuffed scrap bag and started cutting and assembling.   With so many fabrics that I love in there, I ended up with quite a few choices.

photo (60)


My Russian doll fabric has been very popular and I’ve made 2 bags and a few mirrors in the past from the small piece I had.   I’ve managed to get three mirrors out of the rest and I think that’s my lot now.


And these are a few of my other favourites.

IMG_7702Everyone loves a nice polka dot!


IMG_7705I love this design.   It was a piece left over from some Christmas bunting but it’s gorgeous on it’s own.


IMG_7697This reminds me of a summery picnic.


The full selection of designs are on my website, and as always, all profits go directly to my Guide unit.

Which one is your favourite?



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