May Fair – Craft, fudge and lots of cake

Yesterday was the annual Standon May Fair.   As usual I had my Craftyguider stall to raise funds for my Guide group.   As well as this, I am a mum of two girls at a school that has a cake stall there every year that parents donate cakes to, a WI Vice President with our group running a stall with free cake and some sideshow games, and a Rainbow Guider of a unit which sells fudge.

I’ve been rebuilding my stocks of craft items that sell well at this event, so over the last few weeks I’ve been getting to grips with my hot melt glue gun, making badges and fabric mirrors, and getting some new greetings card designs made.   I’ve also got new point of sale materials, organised the float, and made sure the string and sellotape were packed.

photo (82)

I think it turned out very well, and we definitely had a successful trading day.   Two of my Assistant Guiders helped me during the day, one staying from set up to shut down, and two of my 30 Guides helped sell at points during the day.   Other Guides passing the stall were made to come and spend money!

The WI were doing a Guess the Weight of the Cake, Guess the Number of Buttons in the Jar (one of our secretaries counted over 3000 buttons into a jar!), and Guess Where Jess the Cat Is game for the kids.   They made a fabulous job of making the stall look gorgeous, talked to passers by and got quite a few women to sign up.   Members also contributed cake to be handed out free.

photo (81)

As I love baking, I made a couple of tray bakes for the WI stall.   The other 4 cakes in the picture went to the school stall.   I had a text from a mum saying that they may be abandoning the stall as the number of cakes donated at school were really down.   I bought a few extra ingredients and doubled my donation to 4 cakes.   I hope they did well.

The 4th stall I contributed to was the Rainbow stall.   As the Rainbow leader couldn’t cut fudge this year, I organised some mums to come round to mine to chop it up and weigh it into individual 100g bags.

photo (80)

After 2 hours, we had it all finished, and the fudge sold out in record time.

Thank goodness for the lovely British bank holiday weather!

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  1. Wow, that’s made me feel tired reading it! You need to make yourself a superwoman badge! Xx

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