Meal Planning Monday 29.7.13

After a week’s break because of holidays, I’m back pondering our meals for the week ahead.   I’ve been spoilt by not having to plan meals, cook meals and wash up after them for a week at Centerparcs.   The only catering I was responsible for was the morning porridge and the duck food.

IMG_3342Having used up all the perishable foods, I sent husband off with the Craftyguidelets and a huge shopping list to do a scan and shop.   They did well, so our plan for the week ahead is as follows:

Monday: tuna pasta bake with sweetcorn

Tuesday: ham, egg and chips

Wednesday: salad

Thursday: spaghetti bolognaise (and quorn bolognaise)

Friday: freezer dive

Saturday and Sunday: winging it!

Keeping it simple this week as the Craftyguidelets have a full on summer holiday planned for me.

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