Reading Challenge – The Story So Far

2016So I’m one month into my Goodreads book challenge and my little widgety thing says I’m ahead of schedule!   I’m enjoying having this behind me to give me an incentive to pick up my tablet and read.

I really enjoyed reading Mary Portas’ autobiography, Shop Girl.   Her early life was definitely eventful.   So much has been chucked at her that she’s had to deal with, so you can see where the brazen, strong woman on today’s TV screens has come from.   I thought it ended far too quickly though, so hopefully she’s busy writing the next stage of her life story.

I’ve selected a few more books to fit my categories now.   Eldest Craftyguidelet selected my children’s book, and my twitter friend (and fellow Elf on the Shelf aficionado) @HamertonSally who just happens to be a librarian, gave me a few more choices.

  1. An unfinished book – Helen Fielding – Mad About the Boy – finished
  2. A new author to me – Kate Thompson – Secrets of the Singer Girls – currently reading
  3. A classic read – possibly a Brontë or a Jane Austen
  4. A book recommended by a librarian – Mary Shelley – Frankenstein
  5. A book that’s been adapted into a film.
  6. A celebrity autobiography – Mary Portas – Shop Girl – finished
  7. A book written by/about a historical figure – Lord Baden-Powell – The Wolf that Never Sleeps
  8. An award winning book – Kate Atkinson – A God in Ruins
  9. A children’s book – Jacqueline Wilson – Best Friends
  10. A celebrity book club read.
  11. A book I should have read at school rather than just the York Notes – (loads of choice for this category unfortunately – might be one of my French A-level literature reads)
  12. A Goodreads recommendation.

If there are any recommendations to fill in any of my gaps, please feel free to leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge – The Story So Far”

  1. Hi, I am also doing the reading challenge, I already did 2 of them, living more spending less, and the passion test, I like reading self help, self growth books 🙂 I didn’t know they had a reading challenge widget, thanks for letting us know, I am going to grab one soon 🙂 I also put a realistic goal for myself of 12 books for the year, if I do more even better 🙂 have a good time reading and meeting your goal

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