Simplicity 5540 WIP

I am the WIP (work in progress) Queen.   I have drawers and boxes of the stuff.   You can hardly move in my office, spare bedroom and wardrobe for fabric, Christmas crafts, Guide crafts, kits off the front of magazines, paper, card, lino printing, stamps, embossing folders, ribbons, buttons, thread, bobbins…   Got the picture yet?

This drawer contains a dress that needs mending, several bag making projects from my ‘make every bag in the Lisa Lam book‘ quest, a couple of dress patterns with fabric, fabric to make Olivia the Rainbow Guides mascot a new uniform, and some big knitting.

drawer 2

This drawer has more big knitting, a Tilda Sewing Angel, more dresses, a cancelled Craftyguider order and loads more.

drawer1The drawers are full, and do not include all the ‘buy a metre of fabric to use for a project that may come up one day’ projects.   I did manage 4 months of not buying anything unless it was specifically to make something, but after April, I was back on the treating myself slide.

Anthea Willis (@ForestFlower23 and Tales From Mount Pleasant) has a similar addiction to mine and has started a #WIPslinky party on her blog on the last Tuesday of the month.   She’ll show you hers if you show her yours.

My first entry is Simplicity pattern 5540.   It should look like this…

pattern girls…but for the last couple of weeks mine has looked like this.

dress bitsThis is two cut up dresses; one each for my 6 year old and my 4 year old.   I need to get a move on or a) there will be no more summer and b) the girls will grow out of them before the first stitch has even been sewn.

Hopefully I will be able to post a picture of the finished garments soon and then I will be back on the last Tuesday in August with my next WIP to complete.

Anyone willing to share their WIPs, head over to Anthea’s blog and link up.   See you there!

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One thought on “Simplicity 5540 WIP”

  1. Thank you so much for linking up, Louise. I love the fabric choices for your little girls dresses, can’t wait to see them all made up! (perhaps you culd include a piccy in next month’s WIPsLinky post?)

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