Spring Swap Parcel

This morning I received some lovely post, the loveliest being my Popular Crafts Magazine Spring Swap from the talented @Gemma_Winter.

Isn’t this gorgeous?

The amount of work that must have gone into this.   It’s fabulous.

And my treat was great too.

Some gorgeous glitter in my favourite colours and some adhesive lace which I’d been thinking about buying recently.   Gemma is a mind reader!

If you haven’t signed up for a Popular Crafts swap, do it now!   The next one is Union Jack themed.   I’ve had some brilliant swaps and it encourages me to get creative and try new things.   Have a look at my blog post to see what I sent Gemma.

2 thoughts on “Spring Swap Parcel”

  1. Ohh, gorgeous! I’ve seen a few people’s swaps and it’s made me really want to take part – but May is a terrible month! I’m off to look at Popular Crafts to see if I can squeeze into the next one and make it in June…

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