We’re Jamming – Craftingspiration

jam titleSometimes creativity and vision leave me.   I sit there and procrastinate and end up distracted.   When this happens, I need to find a way of focussing and finding some inspiration.

As well as my encyclopaedic stash of craft materials, I also have a crafting library to rival Amazon.   It’s time to dive in and actually use them.   Cue a rummage on the shelves to find something to create.

Good Housekeeping Preserves bookI’ve had this Good Housekeeping Preserves book for many years.   I think it may have been a purchase from one of those book clubs that leave piles of books in workplaces.   As I left my last workplace about 8 years ago before working from home and raising my girls, it’s been on the shelf for a long time!

In all that time, I’ve only made one recipe – a rather yummy rhubarb and ginger conserve to use up a glut of rhubarb from my garden one year.   As a WI Vice President, I feel it is my duty to have more adventures in the world of jam.9

fruit and sugar900g of strawberries, 1kg of jam sugar and 1/2 a lemon later and ta-dah!
strawberry jamResult – 3.5 jars of very yummy strawberry jam.   I can hold my head up high in the WI, and I’ve rediscovered a book I’d forgotten I had.   Flicking through, there are lots of recipes for jams, marmalades, pickles, drinks and sauces to try.

Anyone for lemon curd?

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