WIP Busting Cross Stitch

A few years ago I spotted a cute Winnie the Pooh themed cross stitch that could be personalised.   “That’ll come in handy” I thought as I put it in my basket.

Turn forwards to 2013 and it looked like this.



The design had more flowers cascading up and down from this central portion, but by this stage, I was screwing my eyes up at the pastel flowers seemingly blending into one, and having tried backstitching around the flowers (have I moaned a teeny weeny bit about backstitching before?), I decided to just concentrate on this central oval.

Progress on what was left was a bit haphazard.   Having looked at the backstitching diagram, and not being able to tell where pastel yellow one finished and pastel yellow two started, I sort of made it up as I went along.



With the deadline of my latest Godson’s Christening looming, and my new Motivated Mum mentality, I beavered away and finished.   All that was left was to decide how to frame it.



Twitter and Instagram came to my aid and 100% of people who expressed a preference voted for the hoop.

Ta dah!



The Christening was lovely.   My Godson behaved himself impeccably and I had a lovely snotty cuddle.

And every present needs a card.   This was finished weeks ago.   I’m not last minute with everything!



Linking to the Handmade Harbour Handmade Monday blog.   And while you are there, look at her new digi stamps!

8 thoughts on “WIP Busting Cross Stitch”

  1. Wow looking at your first picture I didn’t realise that piglet was in the picture too – your stitching has really brought out the little details and I’m sure it’s a gift that will be treasured for many years.

  2. I think your cross stitch looks beautiful and I’m sure it will be really treasured. It suits the hoop perfectly. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  3. A lovely present (and card) – my daughters were both given cross-stitch pictures by their aunt when they were born and still treasure them a couple of decades later

  4. Do you still have the instructions for this? I finished all the flowers over a year ago, but it is only now that I ned to put some writing on it, but I have lost my sheet! I only need to know how to form the letters, so that I can complete for my impending niece or nephew. Many thanks in advance. X

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