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I haven’t made new year resolutions for years as I always made unachievable goals that got me down when I inevitably failed at them.   This year, to coincide with my birthday which is in the new year, I’ll be sharing my list of aims for 2012.

One of these aims will be based on getting my Work in Progress (WIP) load down.  I currently have numerous kits from magazines I want to do, as well as a fancy dress costume for the youngest craftyguidelet from a year ago, and her birth sampler cross stitch I started over three years ago.   Added to that are some flannels that need embroidering for a friend and her son, and some fabric to make into a present for her too.

I also have half finished kits.   I’m sure I’ve got a load of candle wax stashed somewhere, and card making decoupage pages.

I keep promising to make things for me and the craftyguidelets.   Add some Barbie sleeping bags, various princess fancy dress costumes, quilts, clothes for me, mini bunting for the kitchen and hundreds of other things.

I am also a sucker for new things.   On the pile of new crafts to try I have a decoupage kit and a jewellery making kit.   I bought felt for Christmas decorations for the website, and I’ve also got some lovely lavender to go in lavender bags.   I’ve got a large collection of craft magazines inspiring me to try things, and some wool to make mittens, a scarf and a phone case.

Work in progress?   Unfortunately there’s not a lot of progress!

4 thoughts on “Work in Progress”

  1. NI think you need more than one year!!! I suggest small goals….which I believe is a suggestion made by you to me not so long ago!!!

    That is one heck of a WIP list!!


  2. Wow! What a list! I like having lots of different craft bits on my WIP list- it means I can change between them depending on what I feel like doing and where I am (cross-stitch is a lot easier to do on the bus than decoupage!)

    Good luck with it all! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished projects 🙂


  3. Oh, it’s so lovely to know I’m in good company! 🙂 My WIP list is utterly ridiculous… and I keep adding to it without actually finishing anything to take off it!

    Muchly like the sound of the mini bunting for the kitchen 🙂


  4. You sound so calm about it all Louise!! Your WIP list is HUGE!
    I agree with Jeany – little and often, and lots of small “goals” rather than one huge one!!
    Good luck!! Will look forward to seeing what gorgeous creations you post up on here

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