Busy doing nothing

Fridays are my day off.   I don’t have a paid job, but as my stay-at-home mum/housewife/volunteering ‘job’ continues 24/7, I like to have a day when I don’t feel guilty sitting on the sofa watching Biggest Loser or doing some crafting for me rather than the website.

I think it is really important to just take a break: to take some time off, rest, slow down, reflect on life and sort your head out.   Lots of mums get mum-guilt if they aren’t filling up every spare moment with an activity.   I need to try and educate my brain into just switching off the guilt and be happy doing nothing.   I am not a failure, I just need this time to myself so when life switches back on, I’m more energised and ready to face dressing Polly Pocket in her 28th outfit of the day.

Meanwhile my day off today has included being woken up at 4am from a deep sleep by a 4yr old Craftyguidelet because her duvet was ‘being silly’, filling in on the school walking bus, doing some more preparation for Guide camp, changing the girls’ beds and doing 5 loads of washing, collating ideas I’ve collected for new Craftyguider products, doing 3 school runs, attending a parents meeting, vacuuming up downstairs in preparation for a delivery, tidying, doing some admin for my dad’s bakery, and cooking 3 versions of dinner.

Day off?

One thought on “Busy doing nothing”

  1. That was not a day off! That was a day still doing everything EXCEPT doing something for yourself! I think you need to reasses doing something for you! What about making something on that lovely mannequin you bought yourself. Or sitting down with a book for an hour. You DO need to have some down time.

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